+ Simple®

+ Simple®

A bold and unique approach

Rooted in a confluence of Early American, European and Asian design principles, Kevin Calica's STRONG + SIMPLE® style equals beauty married to practicality. A look attuned naturally to the space, the time and the needs of the occasion. The result? A sense of poise with impact.

Art Direction


Brand focused visual merchandising; the creative and ingenious use of space and visual elements to display goods and build image. Never distracting. Attuned to business needs and goals.


Commercial spaces from runways to backdrops built with a purpose. A passion and precision. Art serving commerce.


An approach to floristry that honors tradition, arranged by a learned and inventive hand with a fresh sense of style and technique.

About Kevin

In addition to his commercial design work, Kevin is a gifted and masterful teacher, able to impart the STRONG + SIMPLE® principles behind his craft and trademark vision to his students, enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Whether he teaches through his blog or videos, his classes and workshops, or his upcoming books, Kevin delights in sharing both the essence of his vision, plus tricks of the trade.

You can follow Kevin's projects, career, observations and professional tips through this website and an array of social media tools.

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Strength and Simplicity:
100 Ways to Live Your Life as Art

Do you live your life by accident or design? Designer Kevin Calica lifts his professional gaze from stores and products to focus on daily life. Calica tells us to look at our life as if it were a room. Does it meet all our needs? Do we love being in it? Is it simple and clean, inviting and well-lit? Is there space in it for someone else? Open this book to any one of its 100 fun, practical, creative ideas and redesign your life. This charming, profound and original work gives new meaning to the term "interior design."

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