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About Kevin

Kevin has a way of getting straight to the point.

He asks the right questions at the right time. And then he listens.

He affords his clients the respect and space to think through what they really want and need.

Then he moves and makes whatever needs to happen, happen. As a project manager, a problem-solver and collaborator on every level. He turns dreams into rooms imbued with emotion with a swiftness and fluency born of experience and an ever-fresh imagination.

"There is a majesty in simplicity."
- Alexander Pope

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Kevin and Students

In addition to his commercial design work, Kevin is a gifted and masterful teacher, able to impart the STRONG + SIMPLE® principles behind his craft and trademark vision to his students, enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Whether he teaches through his blog or videos, his classes and workshops, or his upcoming books, Kevin delights in sharing both the essence of his vision, plus tricks of the trade.

You can follow Kevin's projects, career, observations and professional tips through this website and an array of social media tools.


New York, New York